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mom's of teethers

have you heard of the baby safe feeder. I got it at my shower this weekend and some of the "new"oms swre by it for teething.

Re: mom's of teethers

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    I have one, but the last time I tried it she didn't really get the concept yet.  I had to hold it for her the whole time.  But now that she is holding her sippy cup on her own and feeding herself puffs, maybe I'll break it out for the next tooth.  It's a nice way to give foods that you don't want to puree, but it is kind of messy, so be prepared!
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    I got one recently too - same issue as n&b...he won't hold it himself, but will suck on it if I hold it for him.  If I give it to him he just plays with it and gets whatever is in it all over himself.  I'll try it again in a month and see how it goes.




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    I put ice in it and let her chew on that - but like PP, I have to hold it most of the time too...
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