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NBR: Any vets (or people w/ cat knowledge) around here?

One of my cats is getting very thin around her hips. When you're looking at her from the top, her sides are dipping in right in front of her hips (kind of behind the stomach area...if that makes sense...).  And she's starting to feel like she's losing weight.  I'm growing more concerned about it and debating on if I should take her into the vet.  (I definitely don't need a vet bill if I don't have to have one)  She's around 7 years old (we got her from the shelter so her age is approx.), spayed (don't know if she's ever had kittens), acting and eating like normal.  WDYT?

Re: NBR: Any vets (or people w/ cat knowledge) around here?

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    My cat did that a little over a year ago and it was awful.  I could put my hand around her spine she got so skinny.  I took her to the vet and found out she had problems with her liver and it was causing damage to the liver.  I had to almost force feed her food to get her to gain weight cuz if she didn't gain any in 2 wks we would have to put her down.  I would definitely take her to the vet.
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    I agree.  Take her to the vet.  One of my cats lost a ton of weight and it turned out he had FIP which is a viral disease and he died 4 days later- horrible :(  They wouldn't have been able to do anything no matter what but still. 

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    Agree with pp - Bring her to the vet! The vet will be concerned no matter what the reason for the weight loss is, because rapid weight loss can be very damaging to the liver and kidneys for a cat. My credentials are that I'm a crazy cat lady Smile
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    Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news ... but this happened to my cat and it turned out to be a thyroid problem.  Hope your kitty's ok.
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