scheduled adoption interview

My caseworker came to the house last week and has changed our license from 2 children to 3 children for foster/FA!  If we decide and are chosen to adopt the 4yo and 2yo, we would also be allowed to keep our FS (a long term placement). I also told the caseworker we are still ttc and asked if there would be any problems if I became pg during the adoption process. She laughed and said no. Foster families cannot have a life changing event for 1 year prior to being licensed, but such events are irrelevant once licensed.

My DH and I have an adoption interview scheduled in 2 weeks and will learn more about the children and the adoption process. Hopefully they will know about the little boy's medical condition. Please keep little man in your thoughts and pray that his medical condition will not continue to worsen. Please keep us in your thoughts too. We have some big decisions to make.

Re: scheduled adoption interview

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