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C-Section birth with small complication....(long)

Hey I was asked to post Katie's birth story and my subsequent post C-Section story so here it goes...

As alot of you know I was a high risk pregnancy and so therefore was required to have weekly U/S and a scheduled C-Section.  Well I go into my weekly appointment on new years eve - same thing as always - and I sort of space through it - blah blah blah - then I tune in when the nurse ask me have you been leaking alot?  Umm not that I know of...Why?  She then says one moment - which turns into 15 minutes and she comes back with my doctor who informs me that my fluids have dropped from 7.6 to 4!!!!  He wants me to go check in with my doctor's office and they will tell me if I need to go to the hospital!

So I check in with my doc office and they tell me the doctor is going into surgery but he wants me to go to the hospital to be put on a monitor.  So I go across the street to the hosipital where they tell me they been waiting on me, and they hook me up.  Where they find that she is moving in there just fine (I could have told them that).  My doctor finally comes into my room and says yes she is fine, but instead of me waiting to have my C-Section on the 21st of January - we are having her on the 2nd of January - WTF?

So I start making all the phone calls to include, mom, hubby, boss, etc.

I report to the hospital on Friday January 2nd and everything goes as plan.  I get my Epi - which hurt - but that is because I am a wuss.  The doc doing the Epi was really good and he stopped when I needed him to and helped me with breathing techniques...etc.

Once I was good and numb up - we go into the hubby a real trooper is right there with me - digital camera in hand.  They start and not too long into it - she is delivered.  They show her to me but she is not crying...well after a few moments I hear her yelling her butt off.  Yeah!!!!  We were worried about her lungs.  Anyway, they tell me they cant give her to me because of her temperature.  They need to send her directly up the the NICU - so I tell my hubby - FOLLOW THE BABY...dont worry about me - go with her.  She was born weighing 4 lbs 14 oz.

I feel fine just really worried...they finally get a room for me in which they inform me that they are going to bring me my baby as soon as she stablizes.  As it happens she did that quickly and then she came to me.  We immediately realized that we were having latching issues etc.  So I agreed to supplement with formula because her body temperature was dropping because of her not feeding. 

Anyway, the real drama starts the day before I am suppose to check out.  At my incision there was a bump and it was painful.  I told the nurse something was wrong and she told me because I had a tubal also that there was going to be some discomfort...well I was in some serious much so I couldnt hold my baby and had to send her back to the nursery.  I told them to call my doctor and I was told that the on call had called back and told them to give me a pain pill.  I asked again about the bump but they just told me to put an ice pack on it. 

The next day I was ready to check out and after a visit from my boss I decided to take a nap but I felt something wet on my I stand up and look in the mirror and notice that there was blood on my shirt.  So I then begin to take off my clothes to find that I am bleeding from my incision!!!

I called the nurses in and they put a compression dressing on it and call the doctor.  They come back and tell me that the on call doctor has called back - at this point I told them enough is enough - if they wouldnt page my doctor directly then I would call him on his cell phone (which I had because I was my dr. special case). 

My doctor finally gets there and he sees the incision and immediately starts giving the nurses instructions to get him this and that.  He then tells me I have develop a hematoma(sp?) - basically a giant blood clot at my incision.  He has to REMOVE THE STAPLES and see whats going on.  So basically I am laying there and about the 4th staple in a gush of blood comes out.  I am tripping because he is basically opening me up in my room with no pain meds, etc.  He then works the blood clot out, etc. and puts a compression bandage on me.  We waited a day to make sure there was no infection, and then I had to decide what to do.  Do I let them restitch me - which adds another 3 days to my hospital stay or do I go home with an open wound and let is close naturally!!!!

Well I decided to go home with the gaping wound.  I was told to have the dressing changed daily and to report to the wound care clinic the following week.  My husband is a real trooper - he did all the dressing changes at home!  After a month of going back and forth to the wound care clinic I finally self healed!!!! 

The only advantage to self healing is I have no scar line from the incision!!!!

My baby girl is healthy and happy and is now weighing about 13 lbs!!!!  She is a chunky monkey (LOL).

To anyone getting a CS - remember if you have any pains or weirdness happening make sure they take you seriously.  The nurse who was with me didnt and she was discipline for not really listening to my request for my doctor to be paged.

Good Luck.

Re: C-Section birth with small complication....(long)

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