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Please talk to me about HSHHC

Sitting here reading it, wondering if it is too good to be true? Please share your experiences

Re: Please talk to me about HSHHC

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    We follow their suggestions and it works for us.
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    I just read it (well, most of it that pertains to me right now!). 

    I really took in the part about catching them when they are FIRST getting tired.  Not letting them go too long to where they get overtired and won't fall asleep easily.

    As soon as DS starts the "eh, eh, eh's" and starts fussing and even cries a bit - I know it's time.  And starting last Thursday - every time I've put him down as soon as he starts up, he's fallen asleep VERY quickly and I'm able to actually put him down while he's still a little awake. 

    The only day it didn't work was Monday, but he had been w/ my parents all day and did NOT sleep at all - so he was overtired. 

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    We started it at 5 1/2 weeks and it's worked very very well for us. My LO has colic, so we've had to adjust some of the guidelines to her needs, but HSHHC addresses it perfectly. We're a happier family and getting happier every day.
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    We have followed it pretty religiously (except for doing CIO, I rocked her to sleep until about a month ago, now she just wants to be in her crib...sometimes I have to go back in, but most of the time she makes squeaky noises and talks to herself and goes to sleep) and my DD is now sleeping 12 hrs at night, and usually takes 2 2-hr naps a day.  It's def. worked for us. 
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