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well, i just told first tri.... nuh uhhhhh

Re: well, i just told first tri.... nuh uhhhhh

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    This is why we love you.
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    geek chick brought it to my attention with her post about it last night.  some people are mean for no reason at all. i mean its one thing if the girl is asking about irish twins, but seriously, this girl has legit questions.  and she's still bf'ing after 10 months!  that, in my opinion, makes her a lot more mature than most 19 year olds. (and shiit, i know 30 something year olds that get pregnant for number two right away)
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    that's awesome
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    Sometimes I think that 1st tri is so eager to snark at people like the "big girls" in the other trimesters and parenting boards that sometimes they jump all over someone for no reason at all.
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    Wow... I have a friend who was married out of high school, pg 3 months later, and done having kids by 20... and she's one of the most mature people ever, but even her second one was a surprise for her and her hubby...
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