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I forget to eat...

How weird right? I'll notice that I'm hungry or my stomach will growl but then the dryer goes off or DD starts crying or I pick stuff up on my way to the kitchen and get side tracked.  I end up eating one quick meal a day and maybe a snack.

Re: I forget to eat...

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    I am a huge food lover and I forget to eat sometimes. The baby ate the whole "survival" part of my brain I think.
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    Yeah I get that way as well.. thank goodnes I"m not bfing... I would be in so much trouble then...
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    I do this constantly. Today DS had a dr. appointment and I didn't eat until 5:00pm. I felt so bad especially since my MIL was with me and asked me what had I eaten. I really need to do better since I'm bfing.
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