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'roid complaint - TMI I guess

The post below got me thinkin'...the whole pregnancy/labor/birth thing is NOTHING compared to the pain of 'roids! (This is just me, in my own opinion, according to the way MY pregnancy/labor/birth went.) I have done EVERYTHING to make these stupid things go away, but nothing is working. The only time it doesn't hurt as bad as normal is if I am on a laxative...and I can't laxatives forever! Crying Mine are inside too, so I can't even see them! TMI, yeah, whatev.

I think a trip to the gastro guy is in order, but I am DREADING it. I swear, I am going to have a C section the next time around so I don't have to deal with this crap again Angry

Vent over. Thx for listening.

Re: 'roid complaint - TMI I guess

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    I feel your pain. I am in the exact same boat except for the fact that I DID have a csection! Mine were caused from the horrible constipation I had afterward from a combination of surgery and being dehydrated from breastfeeding. I don't know what to do...
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    I was adamant about having a vaginal delivery, but I was thinking the other day that maybe the recovery would have been easier if I had just had a c-section.

    Drinking TONS of water seems to help my 'roid problem.

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    I haven't given birth yet, but have always suffered with roids since I was a lot younger. I have an internal one that likes to fun. Any who, has your doc mentioned Procto-foam?  It worked WONDERS for me!!
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    I was told they never will go away completely, NOT what I wanted to hear. but i have been taking a probiotic and that is helping things move a little more smoothly prob not the same as a laxative but you can take them forever LOL
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