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Question/ Advice: abdominal wraps (binding) post c-section, or delivery

I am planning to purchase one of these type of abdominal binding products. They sell them both for post pregancy and post plastic surgery, or any other major abdominal surgery. Of course the ones for preggos have a mark-up. Just checking out there if anyone has used or planned c-section. I have been told that it helps with swelling, gas and feeling like the insicion will open with every strain. ANY thoughts and experiences are appreciated!!



Re: Question/ Advice: abdominal wraps (binding) post c-section, or delivery

  • I'd wait.  My midwife prescribed one before I left the hospital so I didn't have to pay for it and had it right when I needed it.  It helped stabilize the incision and to only use it for a few weeks.
  • I had a c-section with DD and I couldn't imagine being binded and having something over the incision.  I know the first few days afterwards I used a splint to help with the pain when I walked, but that was it.  Everyone is different though and maybe it will work for you.
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    I had a c-section with DD and I couldn't imagine being binded and having something over the incision. 

    I was the same way after my c/s.  I actually could not stand anything touching my abdomen. Having clothes on (even with painkillers) was pretty uncomfortable. I have heard that those wraps are effective, though.  I wonder if other women just wait a week or so and then start using them for the pp belly.

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    I had never heard of an actual product for post C-section but I did buy a waist cincture/ girdle from walmart.  I was told it would help hold everything in so I could heal and have things go back to where they were pre baby.  

    I wore it about 8wks and feel it really helped.  I was rocking my pre baby body in no time.  Plus I found it really helpful at first when I felt my incision would rip open every time I stood up, walked, picked the girls up etc.  It also helped with my pants.  I wear my pants on my hips and part of the waist line rubs against my incision.  With the waist thing on it was extra padding to keep my pants from rubbing across it.  

    I have recommended something of the same you are talking about to other having a c-section.  I dont know if they used one or if so found it helpful but I sure did and if I ever have another c-section I will use it again.   

  • No. I couldn't imagine having something tight over my abdomen after my c-section. It sounds like some sort of torture device. I was nervous about wearing underwear...

    Besides, aren't incisions supposed to be open to the air to help heal? Wouldn't a restrictive garment reduce air flow? And possibly catch on your stitches/staples?

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  • I wore my Bella Band post-c/s during the day.  It definitely helped with gas.  I also had a wicked respiratory infection at the time and whenever I coughed without it on, it felt like my uterus would come flying through my incision.  The band helped me feel a little more stable and pain-free while I was sick.

    I had dissolvable stitches with steri-strips, no staples, so I can't comment on how it would work with a stapled incision.  

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