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Nooo! I failed my glucose test:(

For anyone who has taken the 3 hour test, how bad is it?  Any tips on how to pass??  I'm so annoyed because I've worked SO HARD to eat right and I've kept up my exercise schedule from day one.  I don't want to drink that stuff again:( BOOOOOOOO

Re: Nooo! I failed my glucose test:(

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    I am no help because I haven't had to take it. But, I know lots of people frequently fail it the first time & are fine the next time. If you ask me they need to fix the system. Sorry I am not much help.
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    You'll be alright.  Lots of people fail the 1 hour and pass the 3 hour with flying colors.  I did. 

    I made certain that I ate super healthy the day before my 3 hour test, and avoided the sweets.  I made sure I got a true 12 hour fast, and just before that ate a balanced dinner (chicken breast, baked potato, broccoli, 1 roll).  Be careful on the breads... a lot of them have sugar in them.  I don't know if it helped, but I was just "under" the normal range.  I did this because the day before my 1 hour test, I ate a large piece of Dairy Queen ice cream cake (YUM!)  And my blood sugar was at 145 or something. 

    Be sure to take a nice snack with you to the 3 hour test so you can eat it as soon as you're done.  Hopefully you have an AM appointment because I was STARVING when it was over. 

    FWIW, my SIL did have GD.  It really wasn't that bad.  She watched her diet, and the good news is she didn't gain any more weight during the last trimester.  That was the "blessing" in disguise. 

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    I failed the one hour too. Ditto pp, eat healthy the day before, no crazy milkshakes or doughnuts! :) Then make sure you truly fast before (they give you instructions, so just follow them)
    Good luck!
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    I failed the 1 hour, then passed the 3 hour.  It was only difficult for me because they have a hard time finding my veins so each of the blood draws had to come out of my hand and it hurt. 

    I agree with bringing a snack.  There was a guy in the waiting room with his wife who actually had the nerve to go down to the cafeteria and bring in a huge piece of chocolate cake which he proceeded to eat in front of a bunch of starving pregnant women.  It's amazing he made it out of there alive Wink

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    Oh, I'm sorry! Sad I had GD the first time around, so I definitely feel your pain.

    The 3 hour test was annoying, but not horrible for me.  It just seemed to take forever.  Just bring lots of stuff to read! 

    As for passing it, you can try cutting out sugar and limiting carbs for a few days before, but if you've got GD, you've got it.  Not a whole lot you can do about it, unfortunately.

     Good luck!!

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    I also failed the first one and passed the 3-hour. I made DH come with me to the hospital to keep me company. They gave me a little timer thing so in between blood draws I walked around the hospital. We even sat outside for a little bit. It helped to pass the time instead of just sitting in the waiting room.
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    I failed mine too. ?It stinks. ?I ended up failing my three hour barely and had to test my sugar for the pregnancy and restrict my diet some. ?The orange stuff made me sick for the one hour, but it didn't for the three hour for some reason. ?regarding passing different people give different advice. ?My sugar would always be high if I had too many carbs b/c carbs turn to sugars. ?Protein and veggies are always good to eat. ?Good luck.?
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    I have low blood sugar normally so I will always fail my 1 hour.  For the 3 hour they just told me to not eat past midnight & in the morning I could drink water if I needed, plain water.  I had my appointment first thing in the morning & passed with flying colors.  I did have a bit of water but only b/c I passed out & they thought I should drink something.


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    Tons and tons of people fail the 1 hour then pass the 3 hour. 

    I failed the 1 hour miserably! Like, the cutoff is 130 or 140 and my level was 210!!!

    But all of my levels were well within normal limits for the 3 hour (and even on the low side.

    The 3 hour does kind of suck.... it's not fair to make a pregnant woman go that many hours without eating :)

    There are no tips for "passing" you can't really trick your body into doing anything different, and besides that, if you have GD then you would want to find out so it can be treated... GD can cause unnecessary harm to your baby if left untreated... so you need to let your body do what it does naturally so they can know for sure.

    My advice for the actual testing... make sure you drink tons of water the day before so you are well hydrated (will make the blood draws a lot easier... dehydration = crappy veins = painful sticks).  Don't pig out the day/night before, you'll just be even hungrier during the testing.  Take an ice cold bottle of water - that's all you're allowed to have during the actual test... sips of water... it's at least a little help when your tummy starts growling.  Take something to do... laptop, books, magazines, etc - sitting there for 3 hours (and starving to boot) sucks. And, take a snack for immediately after... I was shaking I was so hungry and my blood sugar was so low by the time it was over... seriously, I wasn't fit to drive... good thing I packed some peanut m&m's :)

    The worst part for me was just not feeling well... it was super early on a saturday morning, I was tired, cold (the lab room was freezing), and starving... the drink itself is kinda nasty... it's even sweeter than the 1 hour drink but it's small... I could think of worse things to drink.

    Good luck!  I'm sure you'll do great!  My ob told me that something like 20% of people fail the 1 hour, but only like 3% actually fail the 3 hour.


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    I failed the 1 hour test by 1 point last time. Grrr. The kicker was that I took my 3 hour test and they screwed up my blood work so I had to take the 3 hour TWICE. I was a little upset to say the least.

    I did pass with 3 hour test with no problems. I ended up going first thing in the morning and did not eat anything beforehand so I think that helped. I do my 1 hour tomorrow and plan on fasting before my test in the morning. We will see.    

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    Well, everyone has already answered all your questions....Like pp's said, so many people fail the one hour and go on to pass the 3 hour.  But, as a person who did have GD, I just want to say (like another pp said) that you don't want to try to do anything to pass.  If you have it, you want to know so you can take the proper steps to not harm the baby.  You will more than likely be totally fine, but on the slight chance that you do have it, it's really not as bad as you would think.  GL!
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