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Evan's birth story

I can't believe he is actually here.  I went to the doctor at 35 weeks and she told me I was already 4cm (station -2).  She said I could have the baby within a week.  I was freaking out because nothing was ready for the baby.  I hadn't even packed my bag or installed the car seat.  I went home and packed everything and waited.  I waited until Thursday, March 26th when I awoke at 2AM to go pee.  I was 36 weeks and 3 days.  I felt a gush of liquid but just figured that I had to really pee.  Except when I stood up, I felt another gush.  I woke my husband and said, "I think my water broke." He said wait to see if I felt any contractions.  I wasn't feeling anything but wetness.  We called the doc at 3PM and she said to come in when contractions were closer or by 6AM.  Still nothing happened.  We went in at 6AM and they confirmed that my water had broken.  They immediately gave me Pitocin and increased the dosage every 30 minutes.  I was hooked to external fetal monitors as well.  The nurse kept telling me that I was smiling too much to be in actual labor. 

I started walking around the hallways at 12PM.  By the way, there is no eating.  I was starving even though I had an IV.  The docs and nurses kept increasing the pitocin because i wasn't feeling much.  However by 5PM, I was starting to feel real contractions.  My husband was by my side coaching me along.  The nurse checked my dilation and I was on 4-5 cm.  I couldn?t believe I hadn?t progressed.  For the first contractions, I was just breathing in the nose and out the mouth.  When the contractions got stronger, I did the "hee hee hoo." method.  That seemed to help.  Plus my husband would tell me when I reached the peak of the contraction, which helped reassure me that this pain would be gone soon.  Because my contractions were so strong, the external monitors were not recording the baby?s heartbeat but my own.  So they had to insert an internal monitor.  This was very uncomfortable.

 I was not sure I wanted an epidural because of all of the horror stories.  So I just asked for drugs through the IV.  I can't remember the name.  The drug made me very dizzy.  It didn't take the pain away but did take the edge off.  I told my husband I felt like the one dose only helped for 3 contractions, but he said it helped a lot.  I asked for a total of 3 doses.  By 8PM, I started to feel a lot of pressure.  Kind of like you have too poo.  I was going to ask for the epidural, but they wanted to check how far a long I was and the nurse told me, you are ready to push.  I couldn't believe it.  They removed the internal monitor and added a internal heart monitor that attaches to the baby?s head.  It is just a small hook.  There was so much pressure that I felt a lot of relief when I was finally able to push.  With each contraction, I pushed down to towards my bottom.  When I was finally crowning, the doctor came in and I had about 5 more pushes until he finally came out at 9:55PM.  When the doctor clamped the umbilical cord and handed my husband the scissors, little Evan decided he wanted them and took hold of the scissors and wouldn?t let go.  He was 5lbs 13.7 oz and 19 inches long.  We are so happy to finally have him in our arms.

TTC since Mar 2008 (PCOS) June 2008, metformin + clomid DS born 3/26/2009 TTC #2 since, Jan 2010 Clomid + metformin (3 cycles) Dec 2011: Follistim + ovidrel = BFN Feb 2012: Follistim + ovidrel = cancelled cycle Apr 2012: Follistim + ovidrel = BFN May 2012: Follistim + ovidrel = BFN Jun 2012: Follistim + ovidrel + IUI#1 = TBD

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