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If you are looking for a car seat safety check, try...

Katie & Chris Skeers

[email protected] or [email protected]

They are a father/daughter team certified as National Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Chris is a retired CO state trooper. They will meet you in a public place near your home (parking lot of grocery store, park, library, etc) and provide this service for free!

You're probably saying, "Yes, but lots of other places offer this for free." But if you're like my husband and me, we could never get an appointment with a technician. Examples: 1) hospital where we are delivering only offers it Mondays, 9-2, but technician wasn't available on two Mondays we tried to schedule the check; 2) our local fire district has only 1 technician with no set schedule so we would have to call every day to find out where he is and if he's available; 3) another fire district only offered it to in-district residents, which we aren't.; and 4) all places only offered M-F during work hours so my husband and I would have had to take time from work. So for something which we heard frequently, "Get your car seat checked", we had a hard time actually scheduling it.

Until I found the Skeers. They met us on a Sunday at 11 a.m. in a parking lot 5 minutes from our house (for personal safety reasons they don't go to people's homes) and spent 45 minutes installing bases and the car seat in both of our cars.

This saved us a lot of hassle calling around. I highly recommend them and it's much more convenient.


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