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Toddler at a hockey game

We're taking H to see the Hurricanes vs. Pens game tonight. We do not have a ticket for him and it never occurred to me that me might need one. 

Do you think he'll need one? 

Re: Toddler at a hockey game

  • I wouldn't think so since he's not going to have his own seat.  But I think it's probably a good idea to call their box office anyway just to double check.  It would suck to go all the way there only to find out that their really, really strict about ticketing.  Have fun at the game!
  • PLEASE bring him some ear protection.
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  • Stagey - where do you think I get such a thing?  We're going to be in a box so maybe it won't be so loud?
  • The buzzers for the goals scored are load and will scare him.  My brother took his son to a game and after every goal it took a good 5-10 minutes to calm my nephew down again.

    Try a sporting goods store to see if they have the ear protection for people who shoot guns.  They may carry a woman's size that may fit your LO or even have child's sizes.

  • We took DS to a hockey game and he did not need a ticket.  I think he was just over a year old at the time.  I don't think your son will need ear protection.  The noises can be loud but they are not constantly going.  That being said, there were noises that scared DS.  For us the biggest scare was that we were close to the glass and every time the players hit the boards/glass it was pretty scary.  Heck, it scared me because I didn't always see it coming.  People around us were very understanding and even tried to help make DS more comfortable.

    Anyway, have fun!

  •'ll be fine.  There were TONS of babies/toddlers at the Canada/USA World Junior game that we went to on New Years Eve.  I have been to my fair share of hockey games, and that was by far the loudest ever....and the babies were fine (I'm betting this game will not be the same intensity).  I think you'll also find being in a box makes it much easier (and I am sure you won't need a ticket for him....but I'd call just in case).

    Have a blast!!  We haven't taken DD to a game yet....but she did go to the draft, and slept through the whole thing! 

  • I've gone to Washington Capitals games and the general rule is you don't need a ticket until they're 2 or older.

    You should have held out for a Caps game Stick out tongue

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