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Listen to my highway experience today!! (long) Crazy or at least I think.

So I was going out to Mason to pick up this climber I got off of Craigslist today for Evan.  (Yes Sprads & CurlyPie we got it!!!)  So I borrowed BIL truck to go pick it up, H didn't know what time he was going to get off today and of course they were leaving on vacation today so I said I will just take care of it by myself. 

OK sorry back to story.... I go and we load it all up. It seemed like it was pretty snug in the truck and I didn't want to bother them with rope in tying it down so we nudged it a few times and it seemed secure so off I went.  I get on the highway and this huge piece flies out of the truck onto the highway!!

I had no clue! I am on my phone telling H how I got it and its perfect and on and on.  This guy comes up next to me on the highway honking and honking and pointing back.  I pull over to the side of the road and this one whole section is thankfully laying on teh side of the highway and not in the middle of the highway! 

I'm about 2 miles down on the highway and try to back up as far as I could go.  I run down to it pull it over more into the grass, run back to the car, do one of those illegal turns get off and back onto the highway. 

Of course it was the heaviest piece and I'm trying to put it back into the truck.  I was able to pull it back in and I called the people and told them that it flew off and I needed him to meet me and tie it down.  I was so afraid they werent' going to answer the phone or say that it wasn't there problem anymore.  But she sounded so concerned and sent her husband right out.  He tied it down and the climber and I made it safely home. 

What an experience!! I'm going to right this in Evans blog so he reads about it later and appreciates me even more!

Below is the link to the climber - it is the big section all the way to the right, the one with the slide attached to it.

Re: Listen to my highway experience today!! (long) Crazy or at least I think.

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    That sounds like quite a crazy experience!  Did you have Evan with you? 
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    That is crazy!  And I'm so jealous of that climber!
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    Wow, what a pain! Glad you made it home with all the pieces. That is such a cool climber! We just have a tiny little one but Piper loves it.
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    No thankfully I did not have Evan with me, I came straight from school to get it. 
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    Oh my!!!  I'm glad you got it home safe and sound.  When I got home today, DH says, "did you see what Denise had in her garage??"  I hadn't paid attention at all when I went by.  He was all impressed by it!  LOL

    Off to email you back...I was in the process of doing it last night when the electric went out. Super Angry

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    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy your new climber didn't get smashed by a semi. That was really nice of the people to come help you. That makes me happy to hear. I'm thrilled you got that climber! You'll have to let me know how Evan likes it. Do me a favor and make it sound like the best thing ever, so I can justify buying one. :-)
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    wow... thank goodness you got it all back in one piece! And can I say I am insanely jealous of that playground!!
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