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Any tips for giving a speech/toast as the matron of honor?

My sister is getting married this weekend, so I expect I'll be doing a speech/toast at the wedding.  I'm not a good speaker and my mind is just a blank for what I'm going to say.  Any good advice you can give?  Thanks.

Re: Any tips for giving a speech/toast as the matron of honor?

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    Keep it short, simple, and from your heart. You'll be fine. Think about what you will say now, and it will just come to you naturally. You'll do great!!
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    Ditto Tiff... def. keep it short and say what you feel... funny and entertaining speeches are fun when done well but, a lot of times they turn out bad... people don't get the jokes, etc so I would stay away from trying anything like that (at least I would because I'm not funny).

    Something like... I love you a bunch because you're my sister and I wish you both a really happy and long marriage...

    (slightly more articulate probably :) but it's simple, nice, meaningful, and will likely make her cry.



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    Here's a list of ideas:

    1) Bringing up something to describe your connection is always good - how you love hanging out with the couple going here and there and are so glad they're getting married now. 
    2) Stories from childhood: I've had friends who talk about sharing a room with their sibling for years, I told a little story about my sister and I daydreaming of the guys we'd marry one day and how happy I was she finally found that perfect guy.
    3) a story about how their sister told them about the new guy in her life and they new it was the one
    4)describe how you know the two will be so happy because they share x,y,z in common
    5)the "not losing a sister, gaining a brother" is always sweet

    Don't do what my sister did for me - she stated that she had written a talk, forgot it at home, and loved her sister and new BIL very much - that was it. 
    A few years later I did contemplate doing the same thing at her wedding to be attempt to be funny, but in the end made up my own toast.

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    I would recommend NOT getting hammered before giving the speech.  A few drinks to take the edge off might help but not too many. 

    My sister was hammered during her speech at my wedding.  She rambled on forever about nothing until everyone started randomly yelling out "cheers" to get her to shut up.  It is hilarious to watch on our video but I think she's kind of embarassed.

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