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Any Success Stories??

My husband and I met on and were recently married in January. With our first on the way now, I was wondering, are there any other Match.commers out there with success stories too?  I always tell DH it was the best $50 I ever spent!!

Matched- March 10th, '08

Met- March 25th

Engaged- June 29th

Married- January 3rd, '09

BFP- March 3rd.....Quick, I know! We're impatient people Big Smile

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Re: Any Success Stories??

  • We we met on E, and just got married in March... We met Oct 07, engages april 08, and married March 09...we weren't as quick as you but we had some hurdles that made it go a little slower...a house fire really put a damper on things...but its all good now...and I agree best 50 bucks I spent!!
  • We didn't meet on, but we did meet online at We haven't moved quite that fast though! It's worked out wonderfully!!

    First emails: April 2006

    First date: May 2, 2006

    Moved in together: March 2007

    Engaged: October 2007

    Married: December 31, 2007

    BFP: March 21, 2009?

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  • We met on lava Highly recommend the online dating for people that are out of college and struggling to meet people IRL. My DH and I were both on it for similar reasons: we traveled for work extensively (most of the year) but knew we wanted to meet someone in our hometown.

    Met: August 2005

    Moved in together: September 2006

    Engaged: March 2007

    Married: November 2007

    BFP: February 19, 2009

  • ::Butting in from 3rd Tri::

    DH and I met online and it moved pretty quickly. In less than three years:

    Met online - June 2006

    Met in person - September 2006

    Moved in together - January 2007

    Engaged - October 2007

    Married - August 2nd, 2008

    BFP - October 5th, 2008

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  • I met my DH in a police I'm no help!  Wink  But I do know a few personal friends that had success.. 
  • We met thru and decided to meet in person after a couple chat sessions, emails & phone calls a week later.

    Met: July '05

    Moved in together: January '06

    Engaged: April '06

    Married: August '07


  • Oh! and forgot to mention: We decided to wait a couple years before we had our 1st child, and this past March we decided to start trying...and it worked! :)

    BFP:  March 21 '09

  • fun post~~

    we are'ers. ?DH's profile now cracks me up... ?

    We met October of 2006

    Moved in together August of 2007

    Married October 2008

    Got the BFP 3/11! ?(we are 36, we were ready!!)?

  • My Husband and I met on in 3-2005 and were married 10-2006 and now just got our first BFP 3-29-2009 after 2 years of trying!

    We have since made friends go on there and currently have 2 sets of married friends who have met on!

  • My H and I did not meet on match, but we met online -  We met on June 30, 06, engaged December 30, 07, married November 2, 08, and BFP on March 29, 09.  I know so many people who have met their so/spouse online.

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  • DH and I met on! He lived 2.5 hours south of me, and we had a long distance relationship for 6 months before he moved to be closer to me.

     Met on Match: December 2003

    Met for the 1st time: January 2004

    Engaged: July 2005

    Married: December 2005

     So, we took a little while to get engaged, since we were long distance for the first 6 months, and wanted to take some time getting to know each other in close proximity before getting engaged. Our engagement was only 5 months, though. We had our DD August 2007, and we're on Baby #2 now. :)

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  • We met through Met in May of '04, got KU with DS in Jan of '05, didn't marry until Oct. '07 (DH was stationed in Germany for a year and a half, right after DS was born). We actually got KU right before our wedding, but lost that baby. It's been a year and a half since we got married and we've been trying that entire time.
  • My DH and I met on E-harmony! ?We met in May of 04 and were married in March of 06. ?Now we are expecting our first. ?I never would have thought I would meet someone online but I cannot imagine my life without my awesome husband. ?He's going to be a great dad too!
  • I met my husband online!!!  I love seeing that so many others have as well.  I was stalking the guy I was dating at the time because whenever I was over he was on his computer.  Finally did a little snooping and saw that he was always on this dating site and getting emails from it...we were supposedly dating exclusively!  That guy was the best mistake ever!!
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  • I met dh online 11/2001. I was 23 and sick of meeting guys in bars so I did it on a dare.  I cant even remember the name of the site... I just know its no longer around. This was before most of those dating sites exsisted. Best dare ever!

    We didnt get engaged til 4/2005, married in 4/2006. 

    Sarah, 35 bumping from NE Ohio
    Married my love 4/22/2006
    DD born 10/12/2009
    DS born sleeping 2/23/2013 full trisomy 18
    Baby 3 due 2/13/2015
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  • I met my DH on!!

    E-mails/phone: February 2004

    First Date: March 2004

    Engaged: February 2006

    Moved In Together: September 2006

    Married: September 8, 2007 (9-8-7)

    BFP: February 22, 2009 (My birthday!)  Due 11/3/09

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  • We met on Match and we joke about it being the best money we spent. My DH contacted me and I almost didnt email him back because I had had a couple of promising dates with someone else on Match, but I saw his pic and thought he was kind of cute so I emailed him back. :) Thank God!

    matched- Jan 03

    met-Feb 03

    engaged- Oct 05

    married- Nov 06

    expecting our first- Oct 09 

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