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How did Madelyn's doc apt go? Was she over 14lbs. I've been thinking about you.

 I can't believe it's already been a year. Time really does fly. Madelyn is such a cute little toddler :)

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Katie: 1/16/08 2lbs. 15oz.
Abby & Emily: 12/31/10 6lbs. 2oz. & 5lbs. 7oz.

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    Hi, Becky!

        Thanks for your inquiry! Madelyn's 1 year check-up is actually tomorrow afternoon, so we are hoping for good stats. :) She has been eating her purees with Duocal powder added for extra calories, so we'll see if it has made a difference in her weight. She didn't touch her bday cupcake/smash cake, but we weren't surprised. She really doesn't show any interest in Puffs, Cheerios, or other table foods yet. Unfortunately, I think we'll have to continue bottle feeding for the forseeable future...No She is pulling herself up onto everything, and she is always on the move! I will post an update of her stats after her appt. tomorrow! 

     How is Katie doing? I saw your post of her walking... how fun! I wonder when Madelyn will show signs of walking...  I can't believe our girls are 1 now! Time really does fly by. Take care!

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