Update on Foster Adopt match

I was at my agency's office today for my FS's visit and happened to run into my cw who told the adoption worker I was there. The adoption worker found me and we chatted for almost an hour about the children and I read one of the profiles.

My concern - the little boy has a very serious medical problem, the degree of which is unknown at this time. Right now, it is unclear the level of care he requires or will require in the future. My DH and I are open to special needs children, but we want more then two children down the road. One of my biggest concerns is whether the little boy will require such a degree of care that we cannot bring more children into our home without compromising the attention he needs (well...may need, we don't even know!). My DH and I will be meeting with the cw and the foster parent to learn more. 

In the meantime, my cw is doing a quaterly home visit on Monday and will  tell us if our home can be approved for 3 children. We learned today that our FS will be staying with us longer than expected and we will not disrupt his placement. We really love him and he's bonded to us and is thriving.

My DH and I have a lot to figure out. How do we make a decision like this? I'm hoping at some point, we get a gut feeling b/c right now, neither of us has a clue what to do.

Re: Update on Foster Adopt match

  • Wow.  That is a lot to digest.  I don't envy having to making those kinds of decisions, but I'm sure you will make the right decision for your family.  Keep us posted.
  • Wow what a decision that you have to make. I know that you will make the best choice in the end for everyone involved



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