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Why can't you eat/drink before c/s?

So, if I have my scheduled c/s, they told me I can't eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior.  But if it's an emergency c/s, I imagine people might have eaten right before hand, so why are they so strict if it's planned?  Is it because you might get sick and "lose your cookies" if there's anything in your stomach?

Re: Why can't you eat/drink before c/s?

  • I believe it is because it is surgery, and you might get sick. I know plenty of people who have gotten sick with unplanned c/s...

    When is your c/s going to be? I can't believe how close you are!!!!!

  • With any major surgery they prefer that you do not eat or drink b/c if you throw up and it asperates into your lungs it can be a major problem.  So they treat a planned c/s like a major surgery.  If you happen to need an emergency c/s then I'm sure it is riskier if you have eaten, but I know when I had a d&c they gave me medications to prevent reflux and vomiting before my surgery. 
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  • Because of the chance of vomiting and backing up into your lungs and stuff.  I was induced and in labor for 10 hours and hadn't eaten anything when I went in for my c/s...but I still threw up when they were stitching me up (I had also threw up from the spinal when I was still laboring 2 times).  I have had anesthesia before this and I wasn't sick, but I guess its the hormones, emotions, etc, that can do it to you.
  • I believe as soon as you let L&D know you're coming in for any reason, they tell you to stop eating just in case.

    I had an induction that ended in an unplanned c-section. I went almost 24 hours without eating just in case I did need surgery. I did a lot of vomiting (sorry tmi) while in the later stages labor because the contractions were so strong. After a while, I had no idea where the food was coming from anymore. I was really glad I wasn't allowed to snack early on.

  • there is a terrible medicine they give you (it made me throw up!) to hasten digestion if you are having an emergency C-section.

    And even with an empty stomach, I still puked during my Csection. That sucks!


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