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OMG re: Weekly Check in My name is third down

I'm having a baby soon, like in about a month. OMG. Did anyone else kind of not freak out but go through the "holy cow I have no idea what I am doing" stage?

 I KNOW everything will be fine, and I will figure it out, but HOLY COW I am going to have a baby.

Re: OMG re: Weekly Check in My name is third down

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    LOL, I went through that. It's amzing how naturally it comes though. Don't get me wrong, it can betough and frustrating- but you work your way through it. How exciting for you, you'll be a mommy soon!!!
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    Yes! It's exciting/scary/stressful but so worth it!
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    You are so having a baby - SOON!!  You're right though - you will figure it out :) between you and your husband I'm sure you can handle making sure the baby gets fed and cleaned and gets some sleep... those are the 3 big ones :)

    And, you can always call be if you have trouble... I've done this a few times before and my older kids have turned out ok :)

    You're gonna be a great mom!! Don't worry!! 



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    I definitely went through that stage, and I probably will again with the next kid (whenever that happens to be).  You'll do great, though!
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    I'm right there with ya!!  We can do this!
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    I think we all go through that. It sets in huh?!
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