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Babies: 9 - 12 Months

connect with these online bumpies

connect with these online bumpies

Megan.10.06 Chipsgal
sagittmama ?alliebooberz?
mjp8426 kate6214
summerbrideDC TheWebCrawler
xmaslove COLLETTE81187
dirtbikemom Brookie-Cookie
KittenGator MrsBPO
youretheonefatty Momma2Bear
the_magic_number charlotteL
verde1982 Wifeofacoach
janice74 Mattersgirl
StumpyG momma2erik
jksmom136 lgurian



Ok, here is my issue.  Aren't momma2erik and Sum the same person?  Also  I feel like youretheonefatty would be her too as you're a fatty was her catch phrase, no?  What about momma2bear? 

Also, how do you do the hearts or stars or music notes anyway? That's always bugged me. 

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