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More of why people sux today

In my mom's group, we have been taking turns watching each other DC's while another mom goes to the dentist, whatever.  We do it in a small group so it is not one mom and two babies.

One mom had a dentist appointment.  Today two moms flaked out on me.  One told me she had to run errands.  WTF?  You can't help me for an hour?  She has a nanny one day a week. You can't run errands that day.

Another one lived less than a mile from the place and she told me she had to feed her daughter.  We were meeting at a coffee house with a play area for kids.  There are high chairs there.

Neither one of them asked if I would be ok on my own.  Another mom unexpectedly showed up to help me.  Thank goodness. 

I guess when these two other moms need free childcare, I will be busy.

Re: More of why people sux today

  • that's lame.  but lucky that another showed up!
  • Those excuses sound. . . .phony.  How odd.
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  • On the SE side we are not as crazy. We just have problems returning phone calls...
  • You might need to wash your hair next time they need help lol ;)?
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