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CD day 3--lotsa questions!

We started CD the first day DS was home from the hospital.  Sooo much better than sposies!  Big Smile

But I do have lots of questions:

1)  I bought the Kissaluvs Lotion Potion for my wipes.  Should I use it every diaper change, only when it's really messy, or not at all at this stage of the game?

2)  I've done one load of diaper laundry so far.  The dipes smell clean but some have very faint stains.  Is this to be expected, or should I change how I'm washing them?  DS is BF, and the meconium was already gone before we began Cding.

3)  Is the Vaseline we used for DS's circumcision going to stick on the CD after washing?

There's more, but DS is fussing.  TIA!

Re: CD day 3--lotsa questions!

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    1. No idea. Sorry :( I can tell you that at that stage, we only used wipes for dirty diapers. Pee only we didn't wipe just to protect her sensitive nb skin.?

    2. Light staining is totally normal. I am sure they are clean. DD is still EBF, and stains her diapers all the time. If the stains bother you, I am sure you can sun them out. Just put them in the sun/outside when still damp from the wash.?

    3. I am not an expert on this, but I would probably use a stay dry liner or a flushable liner until you are done with the vaseline. ?

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    1- We use 7th generation when we are feeling too lazy to use our own mixture.  Mostly I use our mixture for just pee and the 7th generation for poo.  In our LO's case, not wiping him or at least letting him air dry after pee diapers was related to a short bout of diaper rash.  None since the always wipe policy, but YMMV.

    2. It's normal, and you can sun them.  Also what I do is about every 2-3 washes (which is about once every week to 10 days now) I go through all diapes and covers after the wash and hold out the ones that have any staining on them and then soak them in a heavily concentrated mixture of OxyClean. I sort of layer them in a plastic bin like lasagna with OxyClean as the sauce for the ones with wicked stains.  I let that sit while I wash a load of DS' clothes.  Then I dump the soaking dipes, OxyClean water and all, into my washer and wash them again, then dry all three loads at the same time. 

    3.  No clue, we didn't circ.

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    I had much more staining with my Kissaluvs in the beginning than I did once she switched into pockets.  Also I started spraying the poopy diapers with Bac-Out as soon as I took them off her instead of waiting until it was time to wash. I think this helps the most.

    The stains will come out with sunning. No worries.

    I had a diaper but in general I think you probably need a liner for any non-CD approved lotion/cream.  One of the diaper sites has a list of approved creams. I don't see the link in my bookmarks though. Just google it real quick.

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