TTC After a Loss


Oh no!  I just went back and saw your post this morning!  It made me cry... that's the song I used to sing to Sophia when she woke up in the mornings. 

 I didn't know the whole thing though, so I saved it to learn the whole thing for my next DC.

*sniff sniff

Re: **superluper**

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    awww, your post just made me cry!  your story about your beautiful baby girl is so touching.  when i read your purse was stolen with some of her memories in it i was so pissed off at the world.  i literally said out loud when i read that post, "Hasn't she suffered enough!?" 

    sorry i know i totally took over your post to superluper.  your in my thoughts. 

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    oooo, I'm so sorry! I just love singing in the rain and that's my favorite song in the movie. I'm glad you'll know all the words for your next little one though. :( Sniffle sniffle.?

    We'll be there soon, singing?lullabies?and chirping off-key good mornings. ?

    oh please. not KU. effed up.
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