TTC After a Loss

cookie dough ice cream

and bedtime.  does life get any better? (emphasis placed on "get" Chandler Bing style) 

my phantom baby wants the ice cream.  i tried to tell him/her no, but a blastocyst wants what a blastocyst wants. 

Re: cookie dough ice cream

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    LOL!  Those blastocysts can be pretty demanding eh?
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    LOL!!  And NO, life does not get any better!! Now I want some cookie dough ice cream...that's my all time favorite!!  With EXTRA cookie dough...:-)

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    Uh oh, better tighten those umbilical reigns...otherwise that blastocyst is gonna be walking all over you way into fetus-hood!

    Enjoy the cookie dough...mmmm, now my big swolled belly's growling for something raw and salmonella-inducing.

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    That might be my favorite Ice Cream. Of course it all depends on what the blastocyst wants Stick out tongue. Sometimes, It wants cookies and cream instead.
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