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Breastfeeding and the boottle

My plan is to only breastfeed until I have to reutrn to work....approx 2mths, but then of course will have to introduce bottle feedings.

I would like to hear which bottle worked best for s smooth transition, and  hopefully still allow for BF when possible. So far the ones I think will work best are the Born Free bottles because of their nipples.

Re: Breastfeeding and the boottle

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  • We were able to use the Medela bottles without any problems.  They are also BPA free.  GL
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  • I've been breastfeeding and also giving DD bottles since the first week. I use Playtex drop-ins, Born Free and Medela nipples and we haven't had any problems with nipple confusion, but all babies are different. Good luck!?
  • I am also using the medela that came with the pump, started with that right away and no problems.
  • We tried 7 different bottle/nipple combinations before finding one DD liked - the Playtex drop in with the fast natural latch nipple. I have 12 born free and avent bottles sitting in my basement that were used once or twice.    Some babies aren't picky, some are. 

  • We use Playtex drop-ins and have never had a problem switching between breast and bottle.
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