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Help! Im in cloth diaper info overload.

I am currently prego and plan on using cloth diapers. There is sooo much info out there. Can anyone please give me a list of what i'll need to buy from newborn to 12 months.

Thanks a bunch!!!

Re: Help! Im in cloth diaper info overload.

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    It depends on what you want to use.  I would suggest googling cloth diapers and figuring out if you want to use prefolds, fitted, AIOs, etc. 

    try Green Mountain Diapers website for starters.

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    Well... no. Not really. Because a lot of what you'll buy depends on the size/shape of your baby and just your personal preferences.

    Don't worry about the whole first year. Just concentrate on a newborn stash.

    Read a couple of tutorials at places like and just to learn what the basic types are. The most popular types are prefolds, fitteds, pockets, and all-in-ones (AIOs). There are also flats, contours, and AI2s (all-in-twos)... but don't worry about those right now.

    Try to find a cloth diaper store near you - they do exist! It is SO much easier to figure it out if you can see them and touch them.

    You'll need about 24 diapers for a newborn, though it's possible to make it on 18 diapers if you do wash every day (I did this for at least a month), and it would be even easier if you had as many as 36. But keep in mind that newborn diapers won't fit for very long so you don't want to make a huge investmen -  but longer lasting diapers (one-size diapers) tend to not be quite small enough for most newborns. Size small diapers don't last for very long either, but a lot longer than newborn sizes. The size medium diapers though, most babies stay in them FOREVER (literally, DD still wears some mediums at 22mo that she wore at 7mo).


    Anyway, after you figure out the basic types and tell us what you're wanting to use and we can recommend brands.

    - Jena
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