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So this is kind of a follow up to my post below about saving my BM from daycare today. I did end up dumping all 6 ozs and almost cried doing so.

If I pump BM today and store it in the fridge until daycare tomorrow and it gets stored in the fridge until it is given to my daughter, can anything not consumed go back in the fridge and be re-used another time? Can the BM be taken out of the fridge at daycare to warm up to room temp and then go back in the fridge if it's not all consumed?

I know we'll figure out how much she's drinking soon enough, but I'd rather not pour 6 oz of hard fought EBM everyday until then. She has only had about a dozen bottles in her entire life until today, so I'm not sure what her consumption pattern is as far as quantity.

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    No, if the milk is in the bottle your LO is drinking from, any unused portion has to be discarded. I would recommend you split up your stash if you don't think she can drink the full amount you pump.?

    I'm not sure about reheating BM as I am new to this. ?

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    I agree with pp - split it up into smaller portions of 2-3 oz before you send it to daycare.
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    Formula has to be discarded once used - BM does not.  You can stick it back in the fridge, but I would use it as soon as possible.
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    It depends on your daycare policies. Personally, I would offer a bottle twice (within reasonable amount of time, not the next day or anything), but I know a lot of daycares won't.

    Send small 2-3oz bottles until you figure out roughly how much she's eating and how frequently. Yes, it will suck for daycare to have to warm a second bottle for a week or so, but you'll waste less.

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