how much breastmilk?

do you think a one week old is getting when I BF?  I am going to pump after I BF my DD tomorrow morning.  Would I have enough to give her a bottle of breastmilk and cut out a breastfeeding session?  My long term goal is to store some and breast/bottle feed breastmilk during the day.  Also, which bottle/nipple do you find is easiest to switch from breast to bottle.  Lactation specialist suggested Dr. Brown's - thoughts?

Re: how much breastmilk?

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    That totally depends on your baby and on you! I once had a LC weigh DD before and after a feeding (I think she was about 2 weeks at the time) and she had taken 4 ounces. That was probably not typical anywhere from 2-4 ounces is what I was guessing. But your baby might be taking more or less depending on how long she eats etc.

    As for the nipple, well, some LCs swear by the drop in one by Playtex, and it really is very soft and booblike. But there's two issues with the bottle..there is so called "nipple confusion", and there is so-called "flow confusion." which is not really confusion, so much as that boobs just don't flow like bottles, ie constantly. The former you can possibly mitigate with a special nipple., the former you can help lessen by tilting the baby forward while giving a bottle..encouraging your LO to continue sucking but have to wait a bit for the "payoff." I hope this makes sense?

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