NIP - pointers?

I just got the hooter hider which makes life easier. 

I'm assuming it'll get easier as he gets older.   For now, he nurses best when he's got the boppy for support.

Any pointers/suggestions or tips?

Re: NIP - pointers?

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    Practice at home. 

    It does get easier as they get older and have more head and neck control/muscle.  What I usually did was cross my legs - whatever side you are nursing on, that leg on top.  That way it kind of give you more support.  I was always a mess though - DS is/was a chunker and I have big boobs - I was always fumbling around.  

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    ditto pp- practice first, and do the cross legs trick.  those are the only tips I have too!
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    One other thing I forgot - if you are somewhere that you can sit "Indian style" that can help give you support too.  If I could find a bench or something I would sit like that sometimes.
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    My dd tolerated the hooter hider when she was younger, but once she was about 5 months, she didn't like it was able to pull it away.  For NIP I suggest wearing layers.  I like to have a jacket or a cardigan on and a nursing tank on under my top.  I've been able to avoid flashing anybody.
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    hey, for the first few times, if it is warm enough, bring the boppy with you and nurse in the car. this is what I did. then, we would go to restaurants and be up front with person seating us and asked for a table out of the way. It gets easier the more you do it.
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    My best suggestion is to just focus on your baby. If you keep focused on your baby, you'll have no idea if people are looking at you or not.
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