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Diapers from t-shirts?

I was reading a swedish diapers site just seeing if any of the brands you all talk about are available here. They had a section on price comparison and said that to do an extreme budget option (they also had other diaper options AIO and pockets and fitteds), you would need

-24 old t-shirts
-3 rolls of merino wool
-wool detergent and lanolin

They also had a pdf (in swedsh but with pictures) which shows using old t-shirts to make a 'diaper' which you should put inserts inside of and a cover on the outside. 

What do you guys with babies who need cloth diapering think?

They also had these really cute Finnish diapers which tie. 

Re: Diapers from t-shirts?

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    There is an American/English version of this.  Basically it's how to diaper your child (in cloth) for pennies, using old t-shirts (to basically make fitteds/contours) and old wool sweaters to make the covers.

    I think that it's a great workable solution for people who are on extremely tight budgets- I would just hope that those people are looking @ that site on a computer at the library for free, because that is how extreme it seems to me.  

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    I've heard of this but not tried it myself.  Would love to hear if anyone else has. 
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    And I'm guessing they probably list the wool because everyone in Sweden can knit. Seriousy... every girl I know.
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