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Should I consider this month a loss?

So due to my weird/lack of cycles i have been taking an OPK everyday since AF stopped.  I never got a positive opk but we BD a lot.  anyway tomorrow is day 29 and so far no sign of AF.  I was going to test tomorrow but then read something about OPK's being used as a preg test. I totally forgot about this.  I guess since i got a negative OPK today itmeans this month is a loss or should i just test with a preg test tomorrow? What do you think, any hope?
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Re: Should I consider this month a loss?

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    Hello I think you should buy a preg test. I hope you get your BFP good luck!!
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    OPKs aren't reliable pregnacy tests because they detect different hormones.  I would try again with a pg test!  Good luck!
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    ummm, i don't mean this to sound mean but if you wanna know if you are pg then take a pg test.  i don't think that OPK's are accurate for anything else other than detecting LH. 
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    I've read people saying that about the OPK's, but I agree with the ladies on here, I would use a pg test if I were you.  I also see you've been charting your CM, but as a fellow wacky/long cycle person, I would suggest temping as well.  It really helps you get a good pic of what your body is doing. 

    *GL with your testing!!!  

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    ibisibis member
    An OPK will only "detect" pregnancy if you are very late with your period. The reason you can get a + OPK with pregnancy is that it tests for LH, which is structurally very similar to hcg. However, you have to have a lot of hcg in your pee for it to give you a + OPK. A real pg test will tell you much sooner.
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    Temping is really best.  OPK's don't work with me and I have read that they don't work for everyone.  If I listened to them they would state I O about 5 different times a month.  I switched to the fertility monitor and that seems more stable, also charting has really help define when I O. 
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