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Talk to me about birthday parties.

I am pondering buying reusable plates, forks, spoons, knives, cups, etc. for DD's first birthday party. Would IKEA be a good place for this? I know it would be plastic, but I am traveling, so that is the easiest option for us, and we would be able to use it year after year for her parties... Has anyone done this??

Re: Talk to me about birthday parties.

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    No but ikea would probably be good. We are buying compostable, biodegradable everything from
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    If I wasn't going to be eight hours away from my compost bin, I would buy from there :O(?
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    IKEA is a good place for this... they have some plastic plates, bowls and cups in different colors in sets of 6 for 2 dollars each. They are called Kalas which is the word for a kids party in Swedish.
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    Good idea!  We used the eco-friendlier disposable options (from Whole Foods) for everything at J's b'day party this year.  It was a big hit and we didn't miss the character stuff a bit.


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