Those touting the Lansinoh pump

as exactly the same as the Ameda... where is the evidence for that?

I'm delighted if it is true but I wouldn't have any confidences in advertising guff by Lansinoh to cash in on Ameda's FDA approval (which Medela et al don't have).

I have searched but only found assertions, not evidence. 

Re: Those touting the Lansinoh pump

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    Not that it's hard evidence or anything, but on, when I went to buy my replacement parts for my pump (I have the Ameda Purely Yours), it specified on all of the parts that it fits both the Ameda and Lansinoh pumps. Interestingly enough, the warranty for the Ameda is through the Evenflow company, I don't know if Lansinoh has any connection with them as well.
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    Argh. N/M. Just realized is actually a third party site that's an authorized distributor, so they can say whatever they want in the descriptions and it's not necessarily official.

     Oh well. 

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    I actually have both a Lansinoh double electric and an Ameda PY, and they are identical except the Lansinoh is purple and the Ameda is white.  The base and the controls are the same, all of the extra parts are the same, and they feel the same when you pump.  Also, I checked and they have the same stickers and codes on the bottom that say, "Breastpump made in Switzerland 843836-100" and "UL Listed 71 WL E189700 Breast Pump 846813-505."

    (I have both b/c I had one of my APY diaphragms tear one day at work. I didn't have any replacements and didn't know where I could buy any in person, so I ended up buying a Lansinoh during my lunch hour at Babies R Us.  Now I keep one pump at home and one at work, and I am stocked up on all of the little spare parts.)


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