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MoM's what week do you think you became permanently

uncomfortable?  I feel huge!  I am happy but feel stuffed.

Re: MoM's what week do you think you became permanently

  • I hit a wall at 32 weeks.  You look great! :)

  • I remember feeling considerably worse at 28 weeks.  At 26 my OB said, "you're going to get really uncomfortable at 28w."  I thought, yah right- I'm uncomfortable now!!  Then I hit 28 and he was right. :)

    You're getting there girl!  I hope you're at least getting some sleep- I wasn't able to at that point.

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  • I was pregnant with triplets but I remember 28 weeks being when it started to really get rough....  sorry!! You look great though!!
  • oh no! i'm almost at the dreaded 28w, lol!

    i guess i'm smart to try and get all my errands done this week then!  i'm still feeling pretty OK if I don't do too much in one day..... but I know that bed rest could happen any day - so i'm trying to get things done that require me to be out and about this week (since i'm on leave).

    i can still sleep OK- but getting OUT of bed is getting really hard- physically.... we have a tempurpedic mattress which is great- but it gives you NO bounce to get out, lol.  I look like a 90 y/o trying to get out of that thing!

  • I'm sure it was about 28 weeks for me too.  I remember it was a few weeks after my shower and I was thankful I didn't have it any later (it was at 26 weeks) because I was getting so uncomfortable!
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  • I definitely hit a wall at 32 weeks.  Before that, I had trouble bending down and getting on the floor to play with my 2 1/2 year old and rolling over in bed but, now, I am just in pain.  I left my doctor's office at 32w3d and felt good.  That night was terrible and it has not let up.  
  • 27 weeks was when I started wondering how I was going to make it until the end. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in over a month, I was already measuring the size of a singlton full term and I was really starting to swell. I stopped working at that point and being able to stay home with my feet up and take an afternoon nap really made life much easier for me. I also think that is the reason my girls were able to stay put until my scheduled c/s.?

    Hang in there, it is all worth it in the end and the next two months will go fast!

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  • I am uncomfortable but not horrible yet. If I have a long day or stand for too long I feel the weight pulling down but for the most part I feel not that bad yet. The doctor said on Monday that its coming.
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  • I started feeling constantly uncomfortable right around 28 weeks.  You look great!
  • Honestly, I felt pretty good until the end!  I was definitely slower than I normally am and I was swollen from the ankles down, but other than that, it wasn't too bad.

    I had my shower at 34 weeks and my feet were HUGE.  That was the worst weekend for me.  Of course, I was going non-stop from Thursday until Monday with all the company that was in town for it.

    I truly think it's different for every person.  Good Luck!!  I hope you feel great until the end!

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