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Getting two spots in daycare at the same time: pipe dream or possible?

I am getting worried that this won't work out. ?We're considering a nanny as an option anyway, so we could always do that as a backup, but our original plan was for both girls to be in the same daycare starting in January, and the more I hear from the daycares about their waiting lists, the less likely that seems. ?Has anyone here had luck getting two children in daycare at the same time? ?

I'm wondering if that's why you never really see twins in daycare. ?They're all at home with nannies. ??

Re: Getting two spots in daycare at the same time: pipe dream or possible?

  • Sept and Jan are generally the biggest enrollment times for most daycares and infant classes- so you might have a better chance if you move it up/back a month if you can?

    We automatically have spots reserved for us at our daycare b/c my son is there- we'll have a sept or oct start - and there are openings right now for infants- but they will book up fast.

    there are a lot of twins in my son's daycare... it's all about timing and shopping around early.

    good luck!!

  • I booked 2 infant spots in January for a July start. At that point, there was no wait list for my #1 choice so it is possible. I did all my interviews in December and then we booked as soon as they were open in January.

    Luckily for me, most places did not have wait lists for infants in my area then but 30 minutes from me there is a 12 month wait list.

    I would have preferred a nanny for the first year because then I wouldn't have to take them out but DH preferred daycare from start so we went with that.

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  • I think it's very possible.  With the economy in the dumps and many people being laid off, I think a lot more parents are staying home.  I've been calling around to a few day care centers recently and they all had spots for two infants (well, 1yo) and were offering discounts they weren't doing a year ago - part-time policies, waiving registration fees and deposits, first month discounted, etc...

    Also, don't stress about feeling like you have to have it all figured out right now.  You have lots of time, which isn't something I realized when I was pregnant!

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  • we got all three in at once. of course, the daycare they go to opened an infant room just for us, since we pretty much instantly populated it. :P
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  • I couldn't find a place with 2 or 3 spots here, and ended up bringing in an Au Pair... best decision EVER!  Angela helps with EVERYTHING and is so good with the babies and with Rowan and even with little extras like helping with the trash or unloading the dishwasher.  And even with us both losing our jobs, it's so WORTH IT!  We pay 315 a week for her, she eats practically nothing (her favorite foods are cabbage and potatoes!!), and really gives 200% more than we expected. 
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  • Wow, where do y'all live that you don't have to deal with 6-12 month waiting lists? ?There was actually a place we were going to go look at but I found out today that their waiting list is 18 months. ?That just seems insane. ?

    Maybe I should just hope the economy continues to tank and people pull their kids out of daycare? ?That seems so depressing! ?I hope that doesn't happen. ??

  • Mine are in daycare, but my ds was already there, so I automatically got a spot.
  • I got both of mine in at the same time,  I was shopping around when I was 15 weeks pregnant and got on five waiting lists,    I did find one center who reserved space for me for two when I went in for a tour,  her reasoning was 'we dont have twin girls yet, so it would be a good addition'   so I think we bumped the line!  The other four centers still havent called and mine are now almost 7 months old.   I think I just got really lucky.
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