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XP: 23.5-wk update

Hi All,

So, on behalf of a now sleeping Celine, just wanted to update you on life at 23+ but not quite 24 weeks. 

We met the doctor on Monday to follow-up the shortening cervix problem of last week.  Unfortunately, at this visit we found that the cervix was 3 cm dilated, one baby was very low, and had moderately less amniotic fluid than s/he had the week before.  Celine was admitted that afternoon.

They did an amniocentesis that evening to rule out infection, and the results were suggestive, but not positive.  Still awaiting the results of a few more cultures, but the docs think infection is unlikely. 

So Celine will remain in hospital from now until the babies are born.  When that will be, we are not sure.  Could be any time between now and 12 weeks from now.  She's had 2 steroid shots, which will help the babies' lungs mature should they decide to come within the next week or so. 

But there's not much more that can be done except wait and pray.  We thank you all for your continued support, good thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers.

Take care,

Russ and Celine++

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