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Not EF related. Calling all ebay pros...

Anyone really good at ebay?

I bought something and never received it. The seller shipped through paypal. There was delivery confirmation but no signature or item insurance. The item never came. (It is possible that the postman sat it on top of the apartment mailboxes and it was taken, this has been known to happen.)

I contacted the seller. Then I needed more infor for the post office claim. He answered two of the 5 or so questions and then said: AGAIN, FOR ANY FARTHER ACTION WITH THIS CASE - PLEASE CONTACT PAYPAL.

So, I went into paypal, but how do I do this? 

Hopefully there will be one or two ebay pros on here who can help. This sucks. 

Re: Not EF related. Calling all ebay pros...

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    Do a PP claim.
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    Where in the paypal site do you do this?
    Sorry, I really can't find it.

    ETA: Found the dispute form finally. 

    When do you make a dispute into a claim?

    Sigh. I'm sure ebay works most of the time!

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    Find transaction ID first (in details of transaction)?

    Ok in the top menu bar click resolution center

    then click dispute a transaction.?

    Then it will ask item dispute or unauthorized

    enter the transaction #

    I would then escalate it since you already talk to them. ?It will probably freeze the seller's PP account.?

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    Okay, I will escalate it then.


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