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making my own avacado?

If I am feeding avacado for dd's first food, do I need to puree or just mash?  Also, has anyone on here made it and frozen and if so, did it brown when thawed?  Thanks!

Re: making my own avacado?

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    We just mashed. DS loved it..
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    I mashed - turns a little brown when thawed but mainly on the outside of the cube and not so much that it looked gross or anything.  Ally also loved it and it was super easy to prepare.
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    We just mashed it up really well with a fork.  You can mix in a little breastmilk or water if it seems to thick.  And like pp said, it does get a little bit brown when thawed, but not too bad.  Unfortunately, DS didn't like it at all as a first food...but now he can't get enough!
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