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XP: 2nd tri loss girls, I have a question...

If you gave birth how long did they tell you to wait to have sex again?  I was on pelvic rest for three weeks prior to giving birth, so we havent been able to do anything for a month now..  My dr didnt give me a time limit just told me to set up an appt for three weeks postpartum.   After my DD's were born I had to wait 6 weeks, but they both went to term and I am wondering if it is different since I was only 18 weeks...

Just thought I would ask you girls...  Thanks for any responses.

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Re: XP: 2nd tri loss girls, I have a question...

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    At 15 (nearly 16) weeks, I was given the ok to have sex after only 2 weeks.  We waited 3 and I have to admit, it was quite uncomfortable the first time, but was fine (well, better than fine!) the second.

    I hope that helps.  I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope your recovery goes well.

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    Hey Lynn.  I was told not to do anything until our follow up appt which was 3 weeks later.  After that we were given the green light.
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    We delivered at 21 weeks and were told to wait at least 2 weeks. We semi-cheated (ish) and wouldn't you know I ended up getting an infection. I would wait at least 2 or 3 weeks. GL!
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