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i think i just peed myself...

or got AF. that's what it felt like. but, it was watery CM like alot. not EWCM tho.

Not excited because I know anovulatory cycles can have patches of "fertile" cm. 

stop toying with me bod! 


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Re: i think i just peed myself...

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    lol, I thought you were going to say you almost peed your self and then say something really funny.  Sorry your body is playing trickss on you :(
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    Dear JenyM's Body-

    This is Becky, her KU Charm buddy speaking.  Please figure out what the eff is going on and stop toying with her.  With out forces combined she should be getting KTFU anytime and you need to get on board!!!

    Love Beck

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    i'm not trying to give false hope here, but is it possible that you O'd on CD 20?  if you look at my chart i don't have CH's but i'm pretty sure i O'd on CD18.  i know that the clomid and a fever that i had this cycle caused my pre-O temps to be high and therefore FF won't give me CH's. 

    idk, it's just a thought with you.  oh, also i had an anovulatory cycle 2 cycles ago and it was really short and my dr said anovulatory cycles would be shorter because there is no LP and no progesterone.  so when the estrogen drops it's time for your period.  i know most people here say they are longer.  who knows?

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    I had a ton of watery CM the last two days as well, I was hoping that meant AF is coming, but who knows!
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