Need a good breast pump...

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I'm pg with #2 and plan on bfing like I did with my son.  I do however, need a new pump.  Last time, I had to send my DH out the day after coming home from the hospital to pick one up.  He brought home the Playtex "on the go (I think)".  Which never really worked well. 

I hear good things about Medela and Ameda, but since you can't actually return them, I want to get the best possible one this time.


Re: Need a good breast pump...

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    I would never buy a Medela because they are not closed system so they harbour germs and invisibly small amounts of milk in the motor. Yuck.

    I would always buy a closed system and the only one I know of now is the Ameda. Their customer service was great too. I used it happily for 14 months. 

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    Also check out the Lansinoh.  It's a smaller, cheaper version of the Ameda.

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    Love my Medela Pump in Style Advanced (PISA)! :)
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    I love my Medela PISA backpack - so I can put on the backpack and pump as I do household chores (this also is great for amusing a husband).  The instructor at our BF class at the hospital said that an open system is fine as long as you don't plan to share your pump or get a used one.  I bought mine at cottonbabies store for much less than at BRU - don't know if they also sell at discounted price online but you can check to see.
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    I have the Lansinoh, and I love it.  It's a lot cheaper than the other brands, but it works really well.
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