Can this BM be saved?

So today was DD 1st day at daycare. I sent 4 6oz bottles. She ate 2.5 bottles. I'm fine with pitching the half gone bottle. They had just started her on the final bottle, which she did not eat from. So I have a full 6oz bottle that I'd like to reuse for tomorrow. Can I or do I have to dump it?

Re: Can this BM be saved?

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    im not positive but I would use it, as long as it was refrigerated and used within the next 24 hrs
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    was the milk fresh? (i.e not frozen) if it was fresh and refridgerated the entire time it is good for six or seven days.


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    If it was a bottle that was never frozen, I have used it before. Sometimes DD doesn't finish her last bottle of the night and I have given it to her the next morning.  Never had a problem.
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