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How long? Medical Leave

How long did you doctor authorize medical leave (paid portion of FMLA)? did you deliver?

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  • There is no paid portion of FMLA.  Some states have paid leave, but FMLA does not mandate paid leave.  I had a STD policy that paid for 8 weeks minus my elimination period (2 weeks).  The doctor authorized 8 weeks "disability" for my c-section.

    I believe the standard for vag delivery is 6 weeks and c-section is 8 weeks.  Though many doctors are starting to go with 6 weeks for both.

  • I have "Maternity Leave" from my work that gives everyone 12 weeks of paid parental leave. And the FMLA is not paid, but just secures your job if you are out on STD, ect. My FMLA ran concurrent with my STD(bed rest).

    Melissa :)?

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  • sorry...i meant paid time concurrent with your FMLA time...
  • my OB took me out of work this week- friday was my last day- monday my first offical day of leave- under my paid STD ... which will exhaust on June 22nd -but the latest i'd deliver would be June 15th so i'm covered - then start my maternity leave, which here in NJ is better than most states.  I get 8 paid weeks (b/c of c/s, 6 if vag) then 2 additional paid that my company offers, then 10 weeks unpaid of NJFMLA that is unpaid but protects my job.

  • my dr was ready to write me out of work whenever I wanted.  In terms of paid / unpiad time and FMLA time you really need to check with your job and see what their policy is - it really has nothing to do with your dr.  I left work 2 wks ago and I only get paid for my accumulated sick time (I'm a teacher) and I get 60 unpaid work days of FMLA which holds my job and my benefits.  My FMLA will expire while I'm out so I would have to pay COBRA for my health insurance if I wasnt already covered by DH's policy (this means I'll have to cancel my policy to aviod paying COBRA and then re-enroll in sept). 
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  • For my company, you can run STD for the full concurrency of FMLA if you are the injured party (i.e. not the spouse/family member taking FMLA for caregiving). How much you get paid depends on how long you work for the company so I get 8 weeks at 100% and 4 weeks at 60%. I can use vacation to supplement the 60% to get to 100% and then I will probably take 2 weeks vacation after. I have tons accrued that I need to use by end of year.
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  • FMLA has nothing to do with pay -- that's completely up to your employer.  I went on leave at 23 weeks, and the doc wrote me out until 8 weeks post-partum . . . if I go to the date of my scheduled c/s, that'll be 23 weeks total.

    Wow.  I never actually added all of that up . . .

    I have to take some unpaid miscellaneous leave however, on top of my FMLA.  All FMLA does is guarantee you (if your employer has a certain number of employees) 6 weeks pp for a vag delivery, and 8 weeks for a c/s, and the ability to take up to 12 weeks without losing your job.

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