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Guess we will be lowering the mattress before bedtime tonite

So Id been trying all day to get DS's summer clothes organized that i've gotten at a few consignment sales lately and I couldnt get it done cuz he kept getting into everything. i figured I could contain him by putting him in his crib with some toys to play with. Then all of a sudden I see the bumper get pushed down and see his lil thing i know he's putting his hands on the railing and pulling himself up to standing in the crib. Of course once he's up there he either jsut lets go when hes done and plops down or sits down still holding on to the rail with one hand. I love that he skips some milestones like sitting up on his own and goes to other ones like this.
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Re: Guess we will be lowering the mattress before bedtime tonite

  • What a fun milestone!
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  • Wow!  Impressive.  Natalie just figured out how to do that last month.  Sounds like you will need to lower the mattress. Stick out tongue
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  • We are dealing with this now. J did the same thing a while ago when his mattress was still high up, so we lowered the mattress and it wasn't a problem anymore...until this weekend! He started pulling up again and he's so tall that the rail barely comes up to his chest & the crib only drops another 3 inches. Hopefully he'll be safe in there...we've already had some pretty big crashes.
  • Uh oh! :)  Jack is ambitious - crawling and pulling up in his crib before 6 months old!  Good luck with the lowered crib!
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