DS not taking left breast now WWYD

My DS just got the hang of breast feeding and was doing amazing, now the last few times I've tried to feed him he's having trouble taking to the left breast. I had trouble with that side while in the hospital. Also, he's always falling asleep during feedings. Any advice?

Re: DS not taking left breast now WWYD

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    Falling asleep-strip him down to diaper, wipe his head with a cool cloth, talk to him, blow on him, pull him off and burp him/bounce him to wake him up, change his diaper first-also, breast compressions (see this website-the guy on here says that there is no need to try to wake them up, they're just waiting for a flow of milk...)

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    My doctor said that once my ds gets bigger and stronger he will be more alert and suck harder-ds is a month and that's true, but he's still not great.

    Why isn't he taking the left side?  Is your nipple different than the right (like a lot smaller/bigger/inverted, etc.)?  Is he full b/c you always do the right first?  How is his latch-like do you need to angle his body differently on that side? Try a different position?   What did you do to fix it in the hospital?   Maybe try that again...?  Good luck!

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    My DS always preferred the right side...he still does now at almost a year!  Several times I've had to "trick' him into thinking he was still on the right boob by keeping him facing the same direction he is when on the right side, but then wrapping his body around my side.  Does the make sense?  Also, when he was little I would walk around with him and sway while I was bfing.

    As for falling asleep, the pp had good suggestions.  I wiped him with washclothes, blew on him, changed his diaper when switching sides, etc.  They do grow out of that somewhat.  DS became quicker and more efficient a few months in.

    Good luck!!

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    don't give up on lefty!! My SIL had slow flow on her left side, and allowed her DS to give up on it. Then he had milk allergies, so she had to nurse him for 20 months on one boob. She will forever be lopsided now :(

    try always offering the left side first. If he won't take it, pump to keep the supply up and to try to loosen the tissue up. Eventually it should flow better.

    ditto PP's suggestions to wake him to get him feeding. DS took about 3 weeks to really get the hang of things, and then he started sucking so vigorously that i got blisters!!

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    DS didn't like my left side for about a month or 2. I always offered it first and kept putting him back on until he really fussed (although not enough that he'd start to have more negative issues with the left). I also did the football hold to keep him facing the same way as on the right. At 1 year, he now happily drinks from either side. I also have a friend who gave up one 1 side with 3 kids and then feeds from 1 side for months...not fun!
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