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I'm not sure if I should be concerned. I mean, I'm feeling concerned, but wonder if I'm being overly analytical.

DD gained tons of weight in the beginning. However it seems to have slowed. 2 weeks ago at a pedi appt she was weighed her in clothes and was 13.2. At nursing group last week - different scale - I weighed her in a clean diaper and she weighed 13.1. Since she's been nursing like she's in a growth spurt lately, I just weighed her upstairs on my scale in a diaper and it was 13.2.

Now I know different scales give different results, but I just feel like there should have been some increase on at least one of them. I'm going to nursing group tomorrow, so will talk to the LC there, but I'm feeling disheartened and concerned. Should I be?

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    Their weight gain slows as they get older.  I assume you have another ped appt at 4 months, so wait and see how she's doing then before you start to get nervous.

    I don't want to freak you out, because I think my situation is rare, but my ds did stop gaining weight between 4 and 6 months and it was because my supply tanked.  But I am working with an LC to bring back my supply and he has gained almost a pound in 2 weeks.  So nothing that happens right now will cause any permanent damage - babies are VERY resiliant.

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    We had weeks (even a couple at a time) where DS didn't gain anything or gained very little.  Our pedi wasn't concerned.  Different scales, weighing them at different times (just after eating, for example) can make a difference.  Especially as they get older, weight gain really slows down.
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