WWYD in this scenerio....

I just started back at work this week and am trying to get a schedule in the mornings. 
Last night DS slept for 8 hours.  He woke up at 5:15 to feed then went back down.  Usually he'd wake up 2 hours after that for another feed.  But, I have to leave the house with him at 6:45/7am.  He wouldn't be hungry at that point-- he eats every 2 hours in the morning.  I don't want to use more of my stash then I have to, so I nursed him at 6:45 anyway.  Is that what you would do?  What if tomorrow he doesn't wake up until 5:45am to nurse?  Guess I'd just have to tell the sitter he'll probably want to eat around 7:45am then and make sure she has enough milk?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: WWYD in this scenerio....

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    I think I'd do exactly what you did too.  I'm nervous about when I go back to work for that same reason.  Hope it's going well and good luck!  And PLEASE! tell me how you got your LO to sleep 8 hours!
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    That's what I'd do, because I always wanted to nurse him instead of have to use a bottle.  He always ate, no matter how long it'd been.  Now that he's older, I'd probably just send him to daycare, but it's easier now that he eats solid foods.
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    in those cases, i would try to nurse DS before we leave, or as soon as i arrive at the destination, even if he is not really 'due' for a feeding. Most of the time he will at least have a 'snack'. That way i'm empty or at least can go a little longer before needing to pump, and he would have to take that much less in a bottle later...
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