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hi my son just went to see a developmental pediatrician yesterday and was diagnosed with hyperkinesis with expressive language disorder and auditory processing disorder ,anyone else's child have this or at least the hyperkinesis,just wondering what they are doing for it if they are taking any medications at all and if it helps?My son already receives speech,occupational,and special ed ,just wondering if there is anything else out there i can do for him,thanks!!!

Re: early intervention ?'s

  • Just to add...Auditory Processing Disorder is very much real, but has also become a buzzword that gets tossed around a lot in recent years. ?Some people use "auditory processing disorder" to describe overall receptive language issues, which are definitely common with the other difficulties you have described.

    Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is diagnosed (usually at an older age) by audiologists doing tests to determine that the sound signal is not being distorted or poorly received on its way to the brain. ?Differentiating between the common use of the word and the true diagnostic meaning is important when you are seeking out treatment so that you get what your child needs! ?Best of luck to you

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  • sorry forgot ,he's 2 1/2 years old
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  • hyperkinesis

    Pronunciation (hi'per-ki-ne'sis, -ne'ze-a)
    1. Excessive motility.
    2. Excessive muscular activity.


    I've used hyperkinesis clinically in this sense (as a physical therapist), unrelated to ADHD.  So, while it may be antiquated to use in reference to ADHD, perhaps that's not way the diagnosing physician intended it?

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