Do you nurse your baby to sleep for a nap?


My little one is 9 months, I have gotten into the routine of nursing her in the bedroom, then letting her fall asleep then putting her in the crib.

What is your nap time routine? Do you think I am headind down a bad road for having to rock rock to her down, or at least sleepy?


Re: Do you nurse your baby to sleep for a nap?

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    I do because that's the only way I can get him to nap at all and sometimes that doesnt even work. (he's 5 months)  I am worried though that I am setting myself up for a rough road and would like to hear other's routines as well. 
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    I nurse DD down for her naps on the weekends ... she's 15 months.  During the week while I'm at work she obviously isn't nursed down for naps though.
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    I lay down with her in bed and nurse her to sleep.

    It works!

    The Girl is 5. The Boy is 2. The Dog is 1.


    I am the 99%.
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    I'm still nursing to sleep for naps and bedtime and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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    I used to nurse to sleep for naps and bedtime every day.  I eventually quit nursing to sleep completely because we did a mild version of Ferber to help with sleep around 9 months.  Honestly, it's made a great difference for us.  He's puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime.  Sometimes I try to nurse him to sleep and it doesn't even work!  I don't think he associates nursing with sleep anymore.
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    I always do when I'm home with him.  When he's with DH or my mom they can get him to sleep with no problem.

     FWIW, a few times lately he hasn't been interested in nursing pre nap - I've just followed his cues and put him in his crib and he goes to sleep.

    I don't understand why people think it's a bad habit if you don't mind doing it.

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